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Millennium Ten (Dorchester)

Community Vision:  Millennium Ten empowers families to increase their economic mobility and re-brand Codman Square/Four Corners as a neighborhood of choice.

“We want to re-brand our neighborhood as a neighborhood of promise.”

--Gail Latimore, Executive Director, Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation

Millennium Ten is the story of people looking for a way to be connected to each other. Connecting through their neighborhood associations, through business interactions, and through their public spaces.  Community connects and empowers people. Millennium Ten is a coalition of longstanding community partners and new leaders that have come together to encourage residents and stakeholders to define what's next for neighborhood, specifically the Talbot Norfolk Triangle (TNT) and Four Corners neighborhoods

As part of a comprehensive community planning process through the Local Initiative Support Corporation’s (LISC) Resilient Communities, Resilient Families (RCRF), Millennium Ten created a space for neighbors and community organizations to define what's next for the greater Codman Square and Four Corners communities. The process focuses on working with neighbors, business owners, community organizations and other members of the community, tapping on their wisdom, experience and energy to take action. Millennium Ten works in a way so that peoples’ capacities are acknowledged and creates space for inclusiveness and opportunities for participation and growth. We  emphasize the mutuality of relationships from the individual to the organizational. And as the basis of all our work, will view all of our work through the lens of vulnerable populations with an eye towards equity

Convening Agency
The mission of the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation  (the "NDC") is to build a better, stronger community in Codman Square and South Dorchester by creating housing and commercial spaces that are safe, sustainable, and affordable, promoting financial and economic stability for residents and for the neighborhood, and providing residents of all ages with opportunities and skill to empower themselves to improve their lives.
Community Engagement


Millennium Ten Successes

In collaboration with residents and community partners, Millennium Ten successes to date include:
Summer 2012 - Over 130 residents attend Millennium Ten's first Action Planning Meeting.
Spring 2012 - Millennium Ten hosts the first Neighborhood Association Dinner in recent history, with over 50 representatives from 10 neighborhood associations and local civic groups.
Winter 2011 - Millennium Ten begins to interview 100 Winter residents and stakeholders one-on-one about the strengths and weaknesses of the community.
Fall 2011 - Millennium Ten surveys 600 Codman Square/Four Corners residents for demographic and cultural data as well as input about the strengths and needs of the community.
  Summer 2011 - Millennium Ten awards early action grants to build trust, buy-in, and capacity in the community.
  Spring 2011 - Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation convenes the Millennium Ten Steering Committee.
  2010 - Codman Square/Four Corners is selected as a Resilient Communities/Resilient Families neighborhood, with the Codman Square Neighborhood Development Corporation as the convening agency.


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