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Community Vision:  Addressing community development through a public health lens, and working with residents to improve health outcomes.

“We’re going to be able to pull together two communities in a way that’s never been done before.”
--David Price, Executive Director, Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation

MISSION 180 speaks to the goal of using positive community action to turn the challenges facing the Roxbury community around a full 180 degrees. Convened under the auspices of Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation and part of the Resilient Communities/Resilient Families initiative of the Local Initiatives Support Corporation, MISSION 180 was launched in 2011 with strong support from the Greater Boston Local Initiatives Support Corporation, the City of Boston, and a cadre of dedicated local and national funders.
MISSION 180 is committed to a collaborative community organizing process that connects residents and organizations in order to define the future of the Roxbury neighborhood in general, and the The Warren Street Corridor in particular. The MISSION 180 process engages residents, business owners, community organizations and other members of the Roxbury community to tap their wisdom, experience and energy in order to take action.
Convening Agency

Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation combines housing development and preservation, community organizing, and specialized homeownership services that engage community members to rebuild and strengthen their community.
Community Engagement

Mission 180 Successes

  May and June 2012 - Mission 180 launches action groups and begins development of the community contract.

March 2012  - Mission 180 uses feedback from the one-on-ones and Open Forum attended by over 100 people to develop priority areas for action: Community Pride, Public Safety, Housing, Youth, Cultivating Art and History, and Economic Development.

February 2012 - Mission 180 holds an Open Forum to present the findings of the one-on-one analysis to the community and begin the action group discussion. In addition to outreach done by partners, the event was publicized in the Bay State Banner.  The event drew more than 100 people.

Early 2012 - Mission 180 analyzes the one-on-one interviews, in coordination with UMASS Boston's Center for Social Policy, to identify common themes that will feed into the community contract and form action groups.  See the One-on-One Analysis.

Winter 2011 - Mission 180 interviews 114 residents and stakeholders one-on-one about the strengths and weaknesses of the community.

  Fall 2011 - Mission 180 trains 20 interviewers in preparation for the one-on-one interview process

Summer 2011 - Mission 180 awards early action grants to build trust, buy-in, and capacity in the community.

Spring 2011 - Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation convenes the Mission 180 Steering Committee.

2010 - The Warren Street Corridor is selected as a Resilient Communities/Resilent Families neighborhood, with the Nuestra Comunidad Development Corporation as the convening agency.


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