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Mattapan United

Community VisionMattapan United envisions  a community working together to build a stronger, safer, healthier and more vibrant community so that people identity of Mattapan as a dynamic, desirable place to live, work and visit.

“One-on-ones have been the key stepping stone to building relationships among residents. ”

      ----   Milly Arbaje-Thomas, Director, ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center 


Mattapan United RFP for Community Champions Now Available
If you are interested in moving forward as a Mattapan United Community Champion, we ask that you please respond to the RFP by submitting a plan that details the specifics of your proposed implementation, even if you are NOT requesting financial support at this time. Concrete plans support our efforts to track our progress towards meeting the goals outlined in the MU Community Contract.  Click on these links to access the documents:

Mattapan United is a community-driven initiative aimed at improving the quality of life for Mattapan residents. Funded by the Greater Boston Local Initiatives Support Corporation (LISC) and grounded in LISC’s Resilient Communities/Resilient Families’ comprehensive community building model implemented in fifteen cities across the country, Mattapan United brings together residents alongside educational and civic leaders, business owners, nonprofit organizations, and local and state officials to collaborate on strategies to build a stronger, safer, healthier and more vibrant Mattapan community. The process focuses on working with neighbors, business owners, community organizations and other members of the community, tapping on their wisdom, experience and energy to take action.

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Convening Agency
Action for Boston Community Development (ABCD) is Boston’s premier anti-poverty agency, offering programs to low-income individuals to lift themselves out of poverty. The Mattapan affiliate, Mattapan Family Service Center, strives to accomplish this goal by offering homebuyer workshops, career development opportunities, subsidized day-care and a range of other comprehensive services.
Mattapan United's Successes

In collaboration with residents and community partners, Mattapan United successes to date include:
May 2012 - Mattapan United hosts a "Visioning Meeting" drawing 50 community members to brainstorm what Mattapan could look like in 5 years.  The event receives positive press.
 April 2012 - Mattapan United's Community Survey receives 691 responses.  The results will be shared with the community at an upcoming "Give Back" meeting.

 March 2012 - Mattapan United is featured in Linda Dorcena Forey's Mattapan Breakfast Series and shares information about new energy in Mattapan.
 February 2012 - Mattapan United Steering Committee develops a community survey to deepen understanding of community issues.
January 2012 - Mattapan United analyzes the one-on-one interviews, in coordination with UMASS Boston's Center for Social Policy, to identify common themes that will feed into the community contract and form action groups.

 Fall/Winter 2011 - Mattapan United interviews 88 residents and stakeholders one-on-one about the strengths and weaknesses of the community.

 Summer 2011 - Mattapan United awards early action grants to build trust, buy-in, and capacity in the community.  Over 100 residents and stakeholders attend the Mattapan United Kick-Off on July 18th.
 Spring 2011 - ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center convenes the Mattapan United Steering Committee.

 2010 - Mattapan is selected as a Resilient Communities/Resilent Families neighborhood, with the ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center as the convenving agency.

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