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Reports and Data

Select a link below to view available data and reports from Mission 180.
This document contains all notes and summaries from the first two Action Group meetings, held on April 17 and May 2.  Action Group topics include: Arts & History, Community Safety, Young Adults, Cultivating Hope & Pride, Economic Development, and Housing.
Published by the Boston Redevelopment Authority.
This document provides a side by side description of aligned activities and plans between Mission 180 and the Roxbury Strategic Master Plan.
This 2008 BRA report has a focus on Roxbury's economic future.
This data profile includes and addresses the business sector.
These one-pagers give a brief look at demographic information in each neighborhood from 2009-2010.
An analysis of the 114 one-on-one hour-long interviews with residents and stakeholders.  By design, the people interviewed represented a cross-section of Roxbury and Grove Hall corresponding to the US census data regarding age, income, geographic distribution, homeowner-tenant, race-ethnicity.  The Mission 180 partners intentionally focused 75% of the interviews on folks from the neighborhoods along Warren Street, in Grove Hall and in Dudley Square who are not usually at the table as recognized leaders of established organizations.  The interviews were intended as the beginning of a series of conversations over several years, not as a survey or opinion poll that is finished once it’s done.

The partner agencies then analyzed the interview results, which consisted of the interviewers’ notes of key comments that were then recorded in a database capturing all key comments from all the interviews.  The participants used a “Participatory Action Research Method” to analyze the data.  This method engaged the interviewers and others in a series of three-hour working sessions to analyze and make sense of what the community members were saying in the interviews.  The analysis was facilitated by a professor form the UMass Boston John W. McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, who authorized a report summarizing the process and the analysis of the interview data.


Mission 180 One-on-One Raw Data

In 2011, MISSION 180 performed 114 one-on-one hour-long interviews. Interviewees comprised a representative cross-section
of Roxbury and Grove Hall, reflecting the neighborhoods’ age, income, geographic, homeownership, and racial/ethnic
makeup. MISSION 180 analyzed the results, and subsequently recorded key comments in a database. Using a participatory action research method, partners engaged in a series of sessions to analyze the interview data, facilitated by the UMass Boston McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies. The school commissioned what became the interview report.  The information is not the final report but the raw data collected from the interviews, with the demographic information removed to protect the identity of the interviewees. See above for the final report on the data.

A comprehensive collection of available data including information about arts, culture, social institutions, demographics, economy and jobs, education, environment and environmental justice, health and safety, housing, transportation, social and civic support and assets.