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Business Plannning Contest

Friday, 26 September 2014

The contest starts  October  13th !


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Business Planning Contest

Wednesday, 01 October 2014

The contest starts  October  13th !


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Mattapan United Funds Computer Class

Monday, 25 March 2013


Mattapan United used a portion of its early action funds to offer a community co...



Mattapan United used a portion of its early action funds to offer a community computer class. On Wednesday, February 13, 2013 this computer course concluded with a graduation ceremony at the ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center on 535 River Street, Mattapan.

Classes began in early December and were held at the ABCD Mattapan Family Service Center. The course required a 12 hour commitment per week for 8 weeks and focused on preparing students for the workforce through learning basic computer literacy, internet searching, email, and Microsoft Word. Students also learned job readiness skills through workshops focusing on job search, interview skills, and resume writing.


During the ceremony, the 11 students of Mattapan United’s computer course celebrated and shared with friends and family the new skills they gained. Each student took a turn at the podium to present a PowerPoint presentation about why they registered for the class, what they have learned and how they anticipate using these new skills. One student told how just a day after learning to cut and paste in the computer course, she needed to use those very functions to complete an assignment for a different class she was taking.


As the students delivered their well-constructed presentations with clarity and poise, it is immediately clear that these students have learned more than the basic computer skills. Though students had to overcome various challenges such as cultural differences, language barriers, and difficult work schedules, they have found renewed confidence, increased computer literacy, and improved presentation and professional skills. Many students listed several factors that contributed to their success in the course. The patient support and expertise of class instructors were among the most cited factors. This supportive and team-spirited community fostered by the instructor was evident even as the instructor assists the students in delivering their presentations. One student, Charles Ruffin, even presented on behalf of a shier peer before sharing his own PowerPoint.


Laughter filled the room as students told of their previous misadventures with technology and the shocked responses received when they showed off their new skills to friends and family. But laughter was not the only expression of joy displayed in the room, both students and their audience shed tears as the students expressed how the class has already impacted their lives. Though graduation may seem like the end, it is only the beginning for these students. Many will return for additional classes and all can envision the great success they will have with their new skill set.