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Mission 180 (Roxbury)

Latest news from Bartlett Yard

Check out the latest news from Bartlett Yard!


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Calls for art now open!
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We have several calls for art now open!  If you are a muralist interested in painting one of the 40 doors we have available, now's the time to sign up!  Click here to submit a mural proposal.
We are seeking Roxbury artists/graphic designers to help us design the official T-shirts.  Send us your design and become (locally) famous!
We've got our first few events on the calendar!  We're still hammering out the details before we go public, but we will have cleanup days in April, mural painting on May 11, we're working on an Ethiopian dance event for July, and we are also working on a food truck event to benefit a local charity later in July.  Keep an eye on our social media or our calendar page for updates as we add more events.
We've got our first grant!  Thanks to the Awesome Foundation for providing us with seed money for the mural project!
We've got our first artists! Local resident Michelle Murray will install a "Before I Die" wall along the site, Rufus Faulk will do a mural on Door #12, Nate Swain is proposing several giant painted banners to cover the retaining wall, photographers Jay Hagenbuch and Dan Rajter will be doing portraits of Roxbury residents, and there is lots more to come!
We will soon be announcing partnerships with a variety of local nonprofits!  
Please join us in turning this space into something beautiful for the community.  Send us your ideas, follow us on social media, and most importantly tell your friends!  We'll see you in Bartlett Yard!
This planter is a whole lotta ugly and it sits right in front of the main entrance.  Help us turn it into something beautiful!  
What's your big idea?  Flowers?  Herbs?  A sculpture garden?  Paint?  Pergola? Yarnbombing? Mosaic tile?  Whatever it is that you would want to do with this planter, we want to hear it!  Submit your ideas here..
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Mission 180 Action Planning Underway

MISSION 180 has completed three of six action planning sessions to date, and the energy is stronger and more focused than ever.  The coalition and participating residents identified six areas of focus, and are brainstorming approaches to them.  Some groups have even independently considered the same populations and ideas; Youth and Housing are both looking at the 18-24 young adult population.  There are other areas of overlap that demonstrate agreed upon needs of the Roxbury community.  With three meetings to go, the plans are still taking shape and the groups continue to work to define their ideas, but here is a summary at the half way point:

Over 100 attend Mission 180 Public Forum

On Tuesday, February 28th, 2012 Mission 180 held a public forum at the Hibernian Hall in Roxbury that drew over 100 residents, organizations, public officials, and other community stakeholders.  The purpose of the event was to present the analysis of 114 one-on-one conversations and launch the community action process for Dudley and Grove Hall areas of Roxbury

Mission 180 - A Name, A Purpose

Mission 180 is a coalition of community-based organizations led by NuestraCDC that in late 2011 began a comprehensive community planning process with Boston LISC's Resilient Communities/Resilient Families Initiative.  The target area is the Warren Street Corridor running north-south through the heart of Roxbury.

The name refers to the concept of turning problems facing the community around 180 degrees with positive community action.  Working closely with seven partner organizations based in Roxbury, the first phase of Mission 180 involves conducting over 100 one-on-one hour long interviews with a cross-section of grass-roots leaders in Roxbury.  The purpose of the interviews is to assess the community’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT analysis).   In order to prepare for the conversations, a training for the interviewers was held on September 28th.  Twenty interviewers and staff from Nuestra CDC, the convening agency and LISC attended the training.  On October 21St  fifteen representatives of the of the partners organization including NuestraCDC met to debrief on the early trends identified. According to the feedback received, the meeting was very productive and the interviewers were eager to share the wealth and the quality of information they have received from the people they interviewed.  The next goal is to complete between 100-150 interviews by November 24th..

Stay tuned for more news on Mission 180.